Network for European Studies (University of Helsinki)

Network for European Studies
P.O. Box 54
00014 University of Helsinki

Dr. Juhana Aunesluoma
Tel. +358 504156592


The purpose of the University of Helsinki's Network for European Studies (NES), which was founded in 2002, is to promote and coordinate the study of European issues within all faculties and disciplines of the University of Helsinki.

The multidisciplinary orientation of European Studies forms the key starting-point of the Network's activities. Network for European Studies' main form of activities are supporting research projects, postgraduate education and international research collaboration.

Cold War Interests: 

NES co-hosts (2013-2017) an Academy of Finland-funded project "Reimagining Futures in the European North at the End of the Cold War" (ReImag). ReImag is a consortium research project that explores the systemic transformation of international politics and economics at the end of the Cold War as it was experienced in Finland as well as its external geopolitical environment in Northern Europe.