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The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a national centre of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The Institute promotes cooperation and interaction between the academic world, public administration, business life and civil society, both in Finland and abroad.

Cold War Interests: 

One of the research focus areas at the Aleksanteri Institute is the Cold War and its consequences. Cold War researchers are concentrating on the East, specifically the Soviet Union/Russia and Eastern Europe during the Cold War with a special attention on cooperation and East-West interaction. The on-going themes include, among others, technology and knowledge transfers, socialist competition and intra-bloc (Soviet bloc) relations.

In addition, the Aleksanteri Institute hosts the Aleksanteri Cold War Research Group which was established in 2010. The main aim of the Research Group is to elaborate on the new approach of multi-level and multi-polar Cold War interaction (introduced in the volume Reassessing Cold War Europe, Routledge 2011/2013). The research group has also created a new series of publications (the Kikimora Cold War research series) to provide a common arena for the results of the joint research project.