GRENZHUS Schlagsdorf

Grenzhus Schlagsdorf
Neubauernweg 1
19217 Schlagsdorf

Dr. Andreas Wagner
Tel. +49 (0) 38875 20326

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

November to February
only until 4:30 pm on weekends




The Grenzhus Schlagsdorf presents the history of the Inner-German border between the Baltic Sea and the river Elbe. The museum opened in 1999 and forms the core of the memorial site "Grenzhus Schlagsdorf". It is one of four information centres in the biosphere reserve Elbe-Schaalsee. We have both a permanent exhibition and special exhibitions in the museum. A main focus of the museum is the personal fate of people whose lives and decisions were influenced by the border. An outdoor installation belongs to the museum, where GDR border installations have been reconstructed from original parts of the former border fortification. The learning path "Grenzwege Schlagsdorf" is also part of the memorial site. 14 information points describe historic events, the building of the border fortifications and the change of the landscape within the border area. Museum and outdoor installations can be visited during the opening hours. The border walkway is accessible any time.

Cold War Interests: 

| The Cold War and the East-German dictatorship are the most important conditions of the Inner-German border.

| We participate in international projects on teaching the history of the "Iron Curtain" from a European perspective. We developed the poster exhibition "Faces of the Cold War" together with four partners from different European countries: the Norwegian Aviation Museum (Norway), Museum of the Cold War Langelandsfort (Denmark), Museum of Occupation (Estonia) and the Polish community Borne Solinowo.

| We organize seminars, special exhibitions and meetings about the history of the East-West-conflict. The Cold War topic also plays an important role in our educational work on the border between East and West Germany.

| We are a member of the Baltic Sea network on Cold War sites.