Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation

Main location:
Unter den Linden 62-68
10117 Berlin
Exhibitions locations:
Forum Willy Brandt Berlin
Unter den Linden 62-68
10117 Berlin
Willy-Brandt-Haus Lübeck
Königstraße 21
23552 Lübeck
Julia Hornig M.A.
Tel. +49 (0)30 78770719

The Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation commemorates the life and political legacy of this Social Democratic politician, internationally recognized statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner. It was established in 1994 as a federal memorial foundation with the task of helping people understand 20th century German and European history.

The Foundation is active in historical research and, through its permanent exhibitions in Berlin and Lübeck, in historical-political education as well. It awards the biennial Willy Brandt Prize for Contemporary History.  

Cold War Interests: 

| Selected Publications:

The Euromissile Crisis and the End of the Cold War. Edited by Leopoldo Nuti, Frédéric Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey and Bernd Rother, Stanford/Washington DC (Stanford University Press/Woodrow Wilson Center Press) 2015.

Bernd Rother (Hrsg.): Willy Brandts Außenpolitik, Wiesbaden 2014.

Visions of the End of the Cold War in Europe, 1945-1990. Edited by Frédéric Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey, N. Piers Ludlow and Bernd Rother, New York/Oxford 2012.

Friedhelm Boll/ Krzysztof Ruchniewicz (Hrsg.): Nie mehr eine Politik über Polen hinweg, Bonn 2010.

Willy Brandt: Gemeinsame Sicherheit. Internationale Beziehungen und deutsche Frage 1982 – 1992. Edited by Uwe Mai, Bernd Rother und Wolfgang Schmidt, Bonn 2009.

Willy Brandt: Berlin bleibt frei. Politik in und für Berlin 1947-1966. Edited by Siegfried Heimann, Berlin 2004.

Willy Brandt: Die Entspannung unzerstörbar machen. Internationale Beziehungen und deutsche Frage 1974-1982. Edited by Frank Fischer (= Willy Brandt. Berliner Ausgabe, hg. von Helga Grebing, Gregor Schöllgen und Heinrich August Winkler, Band 9), Bonn 2003.

Wolfgang Schmidt: Kalter Krieg, Koexistenz und kleine Schritte. Willy Brandt und  die Deutschlandpolitik 1948-1963, Wiesbaden 2002.

| Organisation of academic conferences in cooperation with local and international research institutions (see here).

| Permanent exhibitions in Berlin and Lübeck on Willy Brandt's life and political achievements as well as on more general topics in contemporary history, the Cold War, the German-German division and "Ostpolitik".

| The Willy Brandt Online Biography provides a comprehensive insight into the political and personal life of Willy Brandt, using a multimedia-based approach. The scholary website is available in three languages (German, English, and Norwegian). It is a joint project of the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation and the Norwegian-German Willy Brandt Foundation.