Cold War Museum Langelandsfort

Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort
Vognsbjergvej 4b
5935 Bagenkop

Gese Friis Hansen, Curator

Director Peer Henrik Hansen, PhD

Opening Hours:
April 10 am - 4 pm
May to September 10 am - 5 pm
October 10 am - 4 pm


Langelandsfort was built in 1952-53 as part of the Danish naval defense and in 1997 it was turned into a Cold war museum as part of the Langelands Museums.

Today our guests can explore the bunker facilities underground as well as enter one of the last Danish submarines in service. It is also possible to get inside the naval guns (15 cm S.K. C/28 L/55) and sense the tense atmosphere on board of the Danish minesweeper Askø, which is located next to an exhibition of a very rare selection of sea mines and a soviet produced MiG-23. We also exhibit a complete section of the Berlin Wall which was located until 1989 on the Postdamer Platz.

Cold War Interests: 

| In our permanent exhibitions we show aspects of espionage, propaganda, every-day-life and the military threat against Denmark during the Cold War.

| The Museum staff conducts and supports research on Espionage, the Cultural Exchange between Denmark and East-Germany, Poland's military plans regarding Denmark and political movements on Funen in the 1970s.