Borderland Museum Eichsfeld

Grenzlandmuseum Eichsfeld
Duderstädter Straße 7 - 9
37339 Teistungen

Mira Keune
Tel. +49 (0)36071 90 00 0

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10 am - 5 pm


The Borderland Museum Eichsfeld was opened in 1995 at the former inner-German border crossing point Duderstadt-Worbis (at the border between Lower Saxony and Thuringia). The museum's permanent exhibition covers an area of more than 1100 square meters and shows the development of the division of Germany and Europe until 1989/90.

Constantly changing special exhibitions reflect current trends in research. Workshops, seminars, readings and witness talks are held in the adjacent educational center of the museum. The nearby six-kilometer long borderland trail with its original preserved barriers is part of the museum ensemble and invites visitors to explore contemporary history. Another major theme of the Borderland Museum is the European Green Belt. The exhibitions provide information on the "ecological footprint" that the border has left behind in nature.

Cold War Interests: 

The permanent exhibition addresses the history of German division in the context of the block confrontation and the Cold War. Local events such as the 1964 "border conflict on the Pferdeberg" are embedded in this context. The exhibitions and events deal with the significance and effects of the division of Germany and Europe for the region of Eichsfeld.