Richard M Krasno Distinguished Professorship (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

Department of History
University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
Hamilton Hall #3195
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

Prof. Dr. Klaus Larres
Tel. +1 (202) 288 9557


UNC-Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the U.S., founded in 1789. It is one of the largest and best public universities in the U.S. with a student population of just under 30.000.  Within a radius of 25 miles, the Triangle area is with UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and NC State University a highly active research area. The History Department at UNC-Chapel Hill ranks among the top ten History Departments in the US. It is particularly strong in European and US history, including Cold War studies. African, Latin American and Asian history as well as gender and cultural studies also contribute to the flourishing field of Cold War and international history at UNC. The University of North Carolina system consists of 17 universities with UNC-Chapel Hill being the flagship campus.

The Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professorship of History and International Affairs at UNC was established in 2012. Prof. Klaus Larres, the first holder of the Chair, works on U.S. and European foreign relations and global governance during the Cold War and the post-Cold War years. In particular his work focuses on transatlantic relations (including security and economic relations), the global impact of post-1945 American hegemony, European politics (in particular German and British politics) and U.S. foreign relations. More recently he has focused on American and German policies toward China and South East Asia as well as Putin's Russia. Larres also continues working on the politics of Winston Churchill and global order and leadership issues in the 20th and 21st centuries. Larres has published widely on all these exciting and important themes.

Cold War Interests: 

At UNC-Chapel Hill Larres organizes the Krasno Professorship events series which consists of an "Ambassadors Forum" and a lecture series with eminent scholars "The U.S. in World Affairs: the Cold War and Beyond." There are also occasional other happenings such as roundtables on current events and the showing of documentary movies. All the talks and events are videotaped and available via our YOU TUBE channel: