Stephan Kieninger, Foto: privatDr. Stephan Kieninger

Cold War or Commerce: The history of the gas pipeline deal with the Soviet Union


Benno Nietzel, Foto: privatDr. Benno Nietzel (Guest Fellow)
(Bielefeld University)

Propaganda, Media Mindfulness and Communications Research in the Age of Extremes: the USA, the Soviet Union and Germany from the 1920s to the Cold War


Sabine Rutar, (c) rework Dr. Sabine Rutar
(Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg)
Labor and Economies at the Frontier: Shipbuilding and port industries in the northern Adriatic during the Cold War


Prof. Austin Jersild
(Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA)

A United Front of "Colored Peoples": The Socialist World and the Nonalignment Movement, 1955-1975